Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Everything is coming up roses!

While my list of things I'd love to be working on continues to grow - I've been side tracked with a massive order of spring themed rose earrings! Luckily Heather has been around to help my give my poor arthritic hands and wrists a break and stamp and punch packaging for them! I'm loving the selection of bright cheery colours Chantal has picked out and will be sending them out today to her shop:

Yay! Now if only these monsoonal rains we've been having will stop and the sunshine will come out long enough for some actual roses to bloom! Hooray! Happy Wednesday! What have you been up to? Any big plans for spring? 


  1. I love the all the colors <3 I live in a very warm city, so I would really enjoy a rainy day :p

    Hope you have an awesome day, Kate(:


  2. Wow, they are so pretty! ^_^ It's turning into autumn here in Australia; yesterday it was actually cold and I wore stockings, a long cardigan, and a wooly hat for the first time in months! ^_^