Thursday, March 7, 2013

You've got to be kitten me

I often look at shoe craft projects and wonder how successful I would be in pulling them off but I feel that these cat tipped lovelies (link) are subtle (and simple) enough to be just perfect:


Aren't they sweet? I will now be keeping my eye out for some cheap flats to try this out with and I'll be sure to take my cat loving to the next level! Yeah!

On a related note - is it just me or is cat loving sort of trendy these days? I've seen all sorts of cat themed shirts, dresses, scarves, and sweaters lately and am wondering if all the cat lovers are coming out of the woodwork or if it's a fad the young ones are jumping on here in Victoria...


  1. ohmygoodness!!! i want. i waaaaaaaaaaant!!!!! thanks for sharing! xo

  2. i have some cat shoes! not quite as subtle though:

    cats are much trendier these days, probably a fad. like the damn owls everywhere!

  3. I don't think you need to buy new flats - just pick a pair of your current ones that you haven't worn for a while to try it out on. Then if you love it, make yourself some with super comfy flats. Inexpensive shoes are not worth the pain.

  4. I really like these! I would like to try it out with other animals as well, like a bunny maybe! ^_^