Thursday, March 21, 2013

washi thumbtacks

As my washi tape collection grows I'm always keeping my eyes peeled for different ways to use it! You can image how tickled I was when I saw these adorable washi tape covered thumbtacks over at How About Orange (link):


What a fun and useful little project to brighten up a bulletin board! I wonder what over handy things you could cover with washi tape...


  1. What a great idea I am going to have to try it! I use washi tape to cover magnet tape for the fridge.

    1. Magnets are a super idea! I will be all over that once I no longer have a stainless steel (and totally NOT magnetic) fridge! Yay!

  2. i was given some pre-decorated tacks for christmas :)

    what about brooches! i need me some washi tape!