Friday, March 22, 2013

True Companions

Apparently I'm all about the geekery this week since my geeky beau Fraser is coming for a nice long visit (starting today)! We have loads of amazingly fun things planned - like cleaning, organizing, and picking out supplies to fix up our new place! What a pair we are! And since we're on the topic of great companions....check these two out:


Hahahaha! What a wonderful image! It actually really makes me want some skim milk (out of a red solo cup) and chocolate chip cookie...while watching Star Wars...but maybe that's just me. I mean who really needs an excuse to eat more chocolate cookies? Happy weekend! What are your geeky plans? 


  1. That's such a cute picture ^_^ My plans for the weekend sound similar to yours - cleaning and crafting!

  2. This weekend we're heading to Hinton so I can buy craft supplies at Walmart and Ian can buy new pants at Marks Work Warehouse (the only place he'll buy pants). And on Sunday we're heading back up the mountain for another glorious ski day. Otherwise, I foresee beer drinking, coffee drinking, delicious food eating and silliness.

    Enjoy your visit with Fraser!

  3. hahah i bought that tee shirt for my nephew a few Christmases ago- so great!