Monday, March 18, 2013

More Vintage Fun

A few weeks ago I attended yet another wonderful Vintage Fair here in Victoria and apparently it has taken me quite some time to get to sharing my finds with you! I figure better late than never and boy did I ever find some neat deals there! First on the reveal - a nice selection of neutral (and fantastic) necklaces:

I've really been trying to picture what I'd wear each piece with when I got to buy it to keep my splurges on the practical side and I figure some nice warm golds and black pieces are easy to pair with just about anything! I suppose the price really influences what I end up picking up and most of the items I got on this trip were in the $2.50 range. Not too shabby if you ask me and definitely cheaper than if I tried to find new costume items at pretty much any shop! Ok, so I suppose $2.50 to $8 doesn't really qualify as a "splurge" per say...but pretty much anything that isn't a necessity for my survival is a frivolity as far as I'm concerned. 

Moving onto more pictures! Next up are three fun statement necklaces that I fell in love with and after looking at them again - could probably be worked into all sorts of halloween costumes:

Since I don't plan as dressing up as a Mayan gypsy, 80's glam rock star, or Cleopatra any time soon I will instead cleverly work these babies into my daily wardrobe and will embrace their unique costume-ness for all it's worth!  Hooray!

Beyond my ten necklace haul, I picked up a few other jewelry pieces including a fancy hair barrette, three pins, and a jade ring:

I really restrained myself on the brooch buying at this fair since there were lots I would have loved to bring home with me but figured I'd be happier in the long run not going over budget (and most of the brooches I was swooning over and left behind were over the $10 mark).  I've also got quite the hoard of jewels piling up on my dresser and figure limiting myself is best all around. What a good girl I am! Yay!

Last up on the reveal are some lovely silky scarves I found in a $2 bin:

I must say that actually digging through bins for buried treasure vintage deals does add to the fun of the event and think these scarves will be fun to roll and wear up in my hair this spring or as a pop of colour around my neck on cooler days. Oh my! 

I am super stoked with all of the items I brought home with me from this fair and am surprised I didn't whip these out earlier to share! Swollen wrist and hand pain really does put a damper on things - but I'm doing my best and am hoping this flare up calms down soon! Oh - and since I always seem to focus on one favourite piece from all my vintage and thrifting shopping trips I thought I'd take another close up of the winner from this event...any guesses (before scrolling down)?

You guessed it (maybe...I can't actually read your mind....)!  I'm such a sucker for needlepoint! Who doesn't love a little handwork, gold doily-like details, and a sweet little bow? Oh it's just darling! Just picture this baby pinned to a cardigan with one of my vintage spring dresses and some flats! I can't wait! Now for this rain to stop and more spring time sun to come this way... What do you think of my finds? What's your favourite? 


  1. Wow - that red necklace is amazing! I love the jade ring and the scarves too - looks like you got some good loot! ^_^

  2. I love the very top necklace in the first picture! So simple and pretty. Great finds!

  3. My goodness, you did well! These posts always make me wish I lived closer to a larger city centre. There are no vintage shops in Jasper, just a bunch of tacky, over-priced tourist shops. I love the scarves you picked up! They are definitely my favourite finds.

    I hope your swelling goes down. xx

  4. oh wow what a haul!

    I dont know how to wear jewelery. I don't understand. And I am unable to match gold with anything. :( I want to try harder though!

    1. Oh Tanya! If we lived closer I'd invite you over for accessory lessons! Maybe I will have to make a post about it one day. I've got a good 12 years of practice under my belt