Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Finally! A reason to buy magazines

Sometimes I feel like a magazine junkie. I usually only pick them up when I'm flying somewhere and need to kill time in an airport but whenever I got to the grocery store I usually look longingly at the giant magazine racks and convince myself they are an unneeded frivolity that just doesn't fit in the budget (well...except for Bust Magazine...since I'm subscribed to that one). Rats. Well - when I came across this lovely project I figured it would give me a perfect excuse to purchase a magazine or two - and then recycle it when I'm done! Check it out:

What a fun idea! It is sort of reminiscent of some collage work my sister and I used to do for fun in high school but you end up with quite the stunning piece of art. Not totally sold on the bear as the image of choice, but I'm sure a more Kate friendly cat/squirrel/dinosaur would be just as lovely! Hooray! Now to  make sure I don't go overboard and spend this week's food budget on magazines...hmm...


  1. Ooo, that looks so cool! I am a bit of a magazine addict, I'm afraid, so I have plenty of raw material ready for this craft! ~_^

  2. You could probably get some from a thrift store or doctor's office! I like the bear a lot, but might also consider a moose!