Friday, March 8, 2013

The cat shoes saga - part 2

Ever since I saw the cute kitten shoe project I wrote about yesterday (link), I can't get it out of my mind!  Perhaps it's the longer hours of daylight and slightly warmer temperatures out there but I am ready for spring and think some cat toed shoes will start it off with a bang! I thought I may have an old pair of flats kicking around that would do well for the project but since I just went through my closets and donated four black garbage bags of goodies to a swap I've come up dry and decided I will need to invest in a new cheap pair for this project!

Turns out - the search for simple and paintable footwear is slightly more difficult than expected! I thought for sure I'd find some reasonably craft-able flats at walmart or forever 21 but no such luck. My search continued at the mall (ack!) where I checked out all the awkward cheap teeny bopper stores and found nothing that wasn't insanely embellished with medallions or bows or ruffles or something that covered the toe. Rats. I finally decided it wasn't very likely I'd find anything around the $10 mark I was hoping for, and turned to Payless as a hopefully still somewhat reasonably inexpensive option. The result? Success (sort of)! I landed myself a surprisingly comfortable pair of simple black shoes and only went $6 over my original budget:


Yay! Now I just need to decide what colour cat I should paint on the toe! (Note: this is where you come in)! Sure it's easy to paint a cute darker cat toe on the brown shoes from the tutorial, but there isn't anything darker than black and going too light would mean that any eventual dirt would show and make those puss-kins less than adorable (or at least that's how I picture it turning out). I thought I might be able to come up with something in photoshop but after a little experimentation I'm still waffling. Check out a few rough ideas of colours I was leaning towards:

I figure there are two options here. Option 1 - go with somewhat naturally cat coloured like brown or grey cat (since white would be awful and orange would look too halloween-y) or Option 2 - something non-cat coloured but still cute enough to work most outfits (like the teal on the far left there)! Hmm....I'm stumped. I thought I'd pass it along to you lovely gals out there and hear what colour option you'd go with (if you're the cat shoe type) and see if you'd be kind enough to share some input. Any thoughts? 


  1. So I like the caramel colored one because you could wear them with anything, but I also like the minty colored one because it is funky and a bit different. I'm excited to see which one you go with!

  2. I like the charcoal coloured one because it's so versatile and the green one. Because I'm a green fiend.

  3. I think the mint coloured cat would look lovely! ^_^

  4. I like the charcoal kitty :) Seems they'd go well with a lot of outfits.