Saturday, September 17, 2011

3 is 1

I'm finally making headway on our new place. The kitchen is more or less settled, the living room is cleared and vacuumed, and the bedroom is set! I've just got my crafting area to tackle and then it is onto the final decorating touches! Hooray! Since I've got thrifty decor on the mind this project over on Apartment Therapy caught my eye:

I just love all the chair patterns and colours and I would never think to get three old thrift store chairs to make a bench from! Wouldn't this be cute in a kitchen? Or maybe by a front entrance or a boot room? Fun! It totally inspires me to give some old furniture a new life, but I think I'll stick to looking for a coffee table for the time being to fill up our giant bare living space. Hopefully I'll be up for showing some pictures of the move one of these days...we'll see. How's your weekend going? Any furniture based plans?


  1. I adore the chair bench thingy. Wonderful fabric too. I'm in the throes of bidding for a fabulous 60s/70s coffee table on ebay. Wish me luck!

    Have a brilliant weekend.

  2. Neat idea, but it seems like it would be super hard to find cool supplies for making one. Maybe not in Victoria though!

  3. Wow! That is beyond cool. And probably cheap to DIY...