Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cat Beret

Just in case you thought you've seen it all - behold - the felted cat beret:

Ahahaha! Do I ever love pictures of cats wearing hats (let's not forget the bear cat hat I posted about on Monday - or maybe this cat hat from my Pinterest page?) but that beret is particularly priceless. Pink not your cat's colour? Not to worry, Etsy's Scarborough Fair has lots of different cat berets to chose from:

At first I was amazing at how much that little grey kitty much enjoy beret wearing...but that image in the middle with the purple hat (and immensely grumpy expression) makes me think otherwise. I wonder if Percy would appreciate a beret? No? Then I think I will just have to get one instead. What do you think? Could I pull off the beret? (and will my sister felt me one?) I'm thinking navy. How about you?


  1. Haha. That's funny. I think you'd have better luck photoshopping a beret onto Percy as opposed to actually getting one on his head.

    As for your own felted beret, considering that I made my own felted beret last spring, and asked you at the time what colour you would like, and you said you didn't want one, I'm not sure that you'll get one any time soon... Perhaps you should have asked for navy way back when? :)

  2. Percy would put up a big fight if you were crazy enough to try! They are cute though.