Wednesday, September 28, 2011

foxy moment

One of my most favourite things about selling crafty things is when I get a chance to see them in action! Yesterday Carmila from the ponycat blog did a post about the fox pin I sent her as one of my "thanks for being a loyal reader" giveaway prize over the summer. Isn't that sweet of her? and boy oh boy I am absolutely in love with the charming pictures she took! Just check out that soft lighting, interesting angle, and (of course) totally cute pin:

OoOo and even a close up:

Thanks Carmila! It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy to see my little fox drawing and handmade pin in such a fashionable way! Looks like I need to whip out the camera and take more pictures to see how versatile I can show my items as! Neato! What do you think? How would you wear one of my buttons?


  1. I like to wear bunches of them, with your flower brooch, and my CBC pin...I know they are in a box...somewhere...

  2. I wear your buttons! But then I am your mother. Mom

  3. Hi Kate!
    Im glad you liked the photos(: I love my pin <3
    You should definitely take some pictures of your pins and brooches with outfits!

    Have a lovely night(:

    carmila Ponycat

  4. Love the pin! I love all of them, actually! I can imagine seeing your stuff in "real life" would be a thrill - like the time someone came to Starbucks wearing your pins!

  5. I proudly wear my "here is my address/ bribery for mail" alpaca daily on my wonderful fossil school bag. So you are being wonderfully represented her at TRU!