Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Zombie Kate

My internet may finally be hooked up - but my brain has been eaten by zombies! Okay...not really...but a jam packed few weeks of packing, moving, and attempting to unpack has left me brain dead! Ack! And speaking of zombies...have you ever noticed how much zombies and babies have in common?:

Thank you Pinterest (go Lindsay and the spam filter yet again)! I figure the best remedy for my zombie-ism is a week full of plenty of rest and watermelon! What do you think? How have you been without me these last few days?


  1. I think you might have something there. I know there are times when I fell zombie like. (Early in the morning). I have lot to do today. Trip to the Sally-Ann to get ride of some stuff. Fabric land for new fabric for the kitchen. I know I have some but I just don't like it enough to put sew it up. I think my lake of liking it is why I don't have it done. We will see when I have some new fabric.

  2. Does this mean there is google talk in the near future?

  3. Hi!

    Im really glad your back, I really missed reading your blog(:

    Hope you have a lovely day full of rest and delicious fruit(;

    Carmila Ponycat

  4. This is true, except babies are awesome and zombies are terrifyingly awesome. Small difference, but it's there.

    Is getting up at 4:30am making you into a zombie?