Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More washi tape please!

When I saw this cute washi tape covered agenda over at oh, hello friend I fell in love! What a simple and charming customization using decorative tape! Take a peek:

I originally planned to do my own recreation of this agenda cover to show you, but I'm still quite a ways from unpacking and organizing my crafting stuff so it will have to wait for another blog post. Also - I already have a collaged schedule agenda I keep in my purse so I think I'll washi tape up a journal instead. Perhaps with some stickers on there as an interest point? I think so. I'm also dying for fine more pattern tape to amp up my crafting collection so looks like I'll be keeping my eye out for that as well! What do you think? Ever experimented with washi tape? What would you cover?


  1. Where do you get washi tape? I haven't seen it in stores but maybe I am going to the wrong ones.

  2. I have some washi tape (which I got from Borders, berylemcc, but I'm not sure if they still have stores anywhere since they shut down over here) which I have never used! I look at it, and don't want to use it in case I "ruin" it. Silly Lisa! But I really like this idea, so I think I will give it a go ^_^ I hope your organising is going well!

  3. I want some washi tape here, but I haven't encountered any in my regular trips to Safeway or the dollar store. Maybe I should check out that scrap booking store in town, which is now going to stock yarn. Yay! Oh, living in a small town is so lame for crafting... I should also maybe look on Etsy under supplies.

    Love the idea of washi tape, and like Lisa, I would probably just hoard it and call it my precious once in a while instead of actually using it.

    If I ever did buy some tape, and then hypothetically used it on some project instead of just fretting about running out of it, I'd probably do a boarder for a cork board or chalk board so I could look at it on my wall all the time. I also love the idea of an agenda, but I haven't used an agenda very reliably since I finished university, so that probably isn't in the works.