Sunday, September 18, 2011

Spruce up your Sunday Tea

Sundays are the perfect days for tea! A nice end to the week and a good time to catch up on laundry, relaxing, and blog reading! Okay, maybe that is just my ideal Sunday - but even if you aren't on the same page as me you must agree on how cute these custom tea bag tags are from Freckled Nest:

Isn't that a wonderful image? I love the great colour combination and slightly irregular shapes. Yup - just charming! Even though this is a pretty simple project I can't see myself taking the time to make special tea tags just for me to drink right away. I love LA's idea of putting three in an envelope as a nice little surprise gift for someone (perhaps a pen pal? I bet they are mail friendly!). Oh! How about at a wedding or baby shower? They'd also make great little party favors for my next old lady gathering/tea party! Perfect! Now all I need to do is make some friends in this city...hmm...easier said than done. What would you use the cute tea tags for?


  1. Those tea tags are adorable! I hope I get something in the mail from my pen pal soon! I think I would use them for a tea party or maybe as some sort of craft in an elementary school classroom - you know, like a mother's day gift or something. Moms like tea, don't they?

    Hope the friend-making picks up soon. I recommend joining a class or club, or perhaps having a baby.

  2. I like the tags, I would like to make them with birds instead of hearts. Would be also nice to make christmas tags with gnomes or socks for some tea and ginger cookies in those days where everybody visit your home. Nice idea :D