Monday, September 12, 2011

Cuteness for a Monday

Being in a new city means a few things:

1) new exciting shops and places to check out
2) an unbelievable amount of work to unpack/get settled
3) new work mates and new people
(and therefore...)
4) missing your old friends!

Since my life currently seems consumed with trying to switch my sleep schedule (I'm going from many years of working the late shift to an abrupt change to working the early early shift) I haven't had much spare time to yearn for my old life and friends. Being an avid pen-pal-er certainly helps keep the communication up between my Kamloops pals (as well as cell phones of course) but with my limited spare time I'm finding Pinterest to be a quick friend fix. Sure it's not like I'm actually seeing any of my chums, but seeing a few pins each lovely gal is like a friendly little reminder of what each of them are thinking about and sharing on the internet! Hooray! Okay...maybe it isn't a very good substitute for all the close and fabulous relationships I had in my hometown, but still..pinterest is awesome...and I like to pretend that the internet can continue to build our friendships...

The other morning I came across this most adorable kitty in a bear costume image Cindy pinned for me:

Ahahaha! I am totally in love with him! Look at that adorable little grumpy expression and fuzzy little paws! Aww! Maybe Fraser is only allergic to pure cats, and not bear costumed ones? Okay, a bit of a stretch - but that is pretty much the perfect kitty (assuming he isn't totally evil and okay with being renamed Karl)! Plus it is a little extra sentiment from far away Cindy that reminds me that adorable kitties (with bow ties) still remind her of me! Yay! Happiness for all! How do you stay in touch with old friends? Any tips for someone new to a new city?


  1. Hi Kate!
    I love the kitty bear! <3 i saw it at your pinterest and it made me smile(:

    I hope you have an awesome monday!

    Carmila Ponycat

  2. I was in a new city for a short time only but I definitely recommend joining like a class or something. I did a yoga/spin fusion class once a week and it made me feel like I had friends lol.

  3. I was going to say yoga class too, though that totally backfired when I tried in Smithers because all the "regulars" would save the good spots for their friends that hadn't arrived yet, relegating me to the lonely corner, and they'd act aloof and grumpy when I wanted to go where *gasp!* they'd saved it already. Grrr!

    Maybe they have an etsy group or super crafty club? Maybe a gluten free cooking class or tea appreciation course would have fewer snobs.

    I find facebook works really well to keep in touch with people. It doesn't fill the void completely, but at least you can still be mostly in the loop.

    Calling your sis is always good, too! And buying presents for your niece, who is being a very good girl and is on her second 2-hour nap today. Woo!

  4. Oooh, cute!! :) And have fun settling in! Victoria has some great thrift/antique shops - also, head over to Sydney if thrifting is your thing, cuz it's a gold mine, and such a cute quiet little place for used book-hunting, too. :)