Sunday, September 25, 2011


Hello there blog friends! Guess what? I've been having the most magical weekend with the wonderful Lindsay and Rifflandia has been fabulous! Yesterday we did some discount shopping followed by a day in the park with Glosettes, yellow benches, and sweet tunes! After watching Hollerado's set Linds told me we'd have to go home and watch the video. So we did...and it is everything you could ever ask for in a music video. So I thought I'd share it with you. In fact, I even think my mom will enjoy it:

Do do do do do do! Isn't it fun? I loved it! Happy Sunday! How's your weekend going?


  1. Hi kate!

    I really like fun music videos, thanks for sharing(:
    And thank you so much for my fox pin!! I finally got it this week and it made me very very happy I love it!

    Hope you have a lovely sunday full of music and fun(;

    Carmila Ponycat

  2. Dude, I told you to watch this a year ago, the LAST time Hollerado played Rifflandia. You're so behind on canadian indie rock. ;)

    Yeah, the video's amazing. I'm a huge fan.