Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My trip home from the airport.

Sadly, yesterday Lindsay had to travel back to the interior leaving me once again best-gal-pal -free and alone (sort of) in Victoria. We had a fabulous time together, she did a really good job of making me spend my money (on amazing worthwhile investments of course) and I really enjoyed every moment we got to spend together. Unfortunately the trip home from the airport was a little rough for me (beyond having to say goodbye to Linds). I have always had a problem with motion sickness but I have very quickly realized that moving windshield wipers (and the large amount of rain requiring the use of them) make car trips even worse. However, it wasn't a complete disaster of trip because when we were pulled over on the side of the highway (where I was keeled over in the ditch) I saw something wonderful:

An owl! Okay, no it wasn't a brightly coloured crochet one (although that one is adorable), it was a real, live, fluffing his feathers owl! What a bird watchers delight! Even though it was very dark and I was in a rough state of things, I tried to take note of his markings so I could double check what type he was when I got home (which, by the way, took a good three times longer than the trip there). He was mostly a mottled brown colour with big yellow eyes and a V-shaped white strip down his chin! Three of the four bird books I have hint at him being a Great Horned Owl! Perhaps just like this guy:

OoOo! How I wish I had my camera with me! I'm still not totally set on his identification since he wasn't enormous (more mid-sized) like most Great Horned Owls so it is possible he's a Western Screech Owl! Cool! Too bad I've misplaced my "Birds of Victoria" book for another region specific reference, but regardless it did turn a normally awful situation into a somewhat more pleasant one! Next time you're car sick and vomit-y on the side of the road maybe you'll see an owl too! Neato!


  1. Im sorry you felt sick, but how awesome is to see and owl! Ive never seen one I wish I could!

    That crocheted owl is pretty awesome too:p

    Today I did a post about my fox pin! I really love it, thanks again(:

    I hope you have a lovely day!

    Carmila Ponycat

  2. I love it when I spot and owl. They are my favorite bird! I can't remember when I last saw one but I will keep my eyes open. Mom

  3. I guess that Starbucks cube was a no go? I hope you feel better, please. Thanks for the fun this weekend!

  4. Ugh, I'm sorry you get car sick (it sucks!) but seeing an owl is super cool! I like the crochet owl too! I have made one of that pattern, but with cotton thread so it is a tiny one ^-^

  5. Made lemonade, eh? Sorry to hear about the barfs. Better move somewhere and just stay there :) Very cool owl!