Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cork Board Dipped Clips

Remember how last week I did a post about making washi tape clothespins but couldn't think of what to do with them (link)?  Although I do love the idea of turning them into magnets I am one of those poor sufferers of stainless steel appliances (that was sarcasm btw) and don't actually have any magnetic surfaces to stick them to. I do however have one large cork inspiration board in my craft room and these dipped clips from the Swoon blog are just lovely! (link):

What a swell idea! I am actually really loving the dipped look too and am particularly fond
or the colour choices! Coral, tea, white, neon yellow, and gold? Yes please! Now I just need to dip some clips! Then perhaps clip some chips to my hips (with the dip clips) and watch the moon eclipse! Yup. I went there. Say that ten times fast...


  1. Those are really cool too! How neat would they be at your next show holding earrings or something?

  2. Oh they look super cute!


  3. I think I will do this on my weekend! I really need a place to organise now that I have no real desk.

  4. Very cool! I like the colours used ^_^