Sunday, September 23, 2012

Updating my cover photo

I really like wearing and using the crafts I make. It's been a great way to grow my homemade accessories collection and offers me a dab of personality and colour to any outfit! It also conveniently gives me an excuse to showcase some of my handiwork and lets me talk about craftiness! Hooray! 

The other day I was chatting with a coworker and she loved the dark teal wooden flat earrings I was wearing.  I told her I made them and she was totally thrilled at my crafting skills! It quickly made me realize that loads of my friends and coworkers (especially new ones) have no idea about my crafting and selling life. Later on I was surfing around the internet when I saw a blog post about updating your facebook cover photo to better suit your online business. Oh! What a plan! I quickly went through my products page on my blog (link) and threw together a little montage that was cover photo size (851 x 315)! Check it out:

Yay! I figure it's a subtle way to show off some of my craftiness without spamming everyone. It is also a huge improvement over my last super pixelated picture I had on there and is a fun, cheery, and bright image of a huge part of my life! Here it is in action:

I waffled over putting my url in there but decided that a carefully places "I make stuff" does the trick. I also added "scientific culture" to my about info since it is after all a huge chunk of my life! Yipee! So what's the verdict? Careful product placement or overkill?


  1. Careful product placement! And besides, these people are your friends and they are proud of your crafty awesomeness! Who cares if you push your fantastic wares, probably not them!

  2. Quite apart from anything else, it makes a fab picture! I think it's a great idea to put the stuff you make on your Facebook header - one I may well copy at some point :) Jen x

  3. Nice work, I really like how it looks(; I think its a great idea, because sometimes your fb friends dont even know that you make things and sell them, It happens to me all the time...that´s why I opened a facebook page just for my shop, but this an awesome way of pomoting what you do in a subtle way(:

    Hope you have a lovely day, Kate(;


  4. I like it! I think it's subtle enough to not be annoying, and easy enough for Facebook friends to find - good job! ^_^

  5. love it!!! I always wonder if I'm going over kill sometimes with my friends when I share my blog posts but tons of them will comment on things they like, so share share away!!! How will anyone know how awesome your stuff is if you don't show it off!!! :)

  6. This is like a party on Facebook! hooray!