Saturday, September 1, 2012

Foxy September!

Well it looks like we've survived it all the way to September and to celebrate the wonderful arrival of fall - here is a very foxy fall printable calendar to enjoy:

you can download me here!

Yay! I love the little fox and figured some dashes of herringbone and buttons suit him nicely and the My Memories scrapbook software I used made it as cinch! As always this little dude is ready to be printed out, cut, and assembled into a CD jewel case for optimal calendar enjoyment (you can find the tutorial here!). Woo hoo! I also figured fox was a great way to go for September after talking to a customer last week about the calendar print outs I do. She suggested I do one with a fox on it and (as always) I aim to please! Hooray!

As for my month, I've got one last market to attend tomorrow and then attempt to organize and craft myself ready for the xmas consignment season! It never ends over here and with the new arrival of our roommate Jim, we've got a packed and busy place! Both of the boys start school in a few days and I am so looking forward to some crisp mornings and extra layers! Yipee! How about things on your end? What are you gearing up for this month? 


  1. A fox! oh my! Enjoy your last market tomorrow! also, do you know what is better than a shopping spree at Zellers? It is a shopping spree at zellers when everything is on sale!