Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Herb-y Update

 With fall peeping in around the corner I figure I had better show you my summer progress on my herb growing before it's too late! I had quite the rough start this year and after three attempts at indoor growing, I decided outdoor herbs (and patience) were the way to go. Take a peek at my herby greenery on the patio:

OoOo! Much more successful than my first attempts! I managed to kill off cilantro a good three times before this one, and although there aren't many actual cilantro leaves to use - it did bloom so that must count for something right? Check him out:

Rosemary is next in the lineup and although it took an enormously long time to sprout, it is getting some hefty leaves on there. Also note that the bald side of the pot is where my niece Jean decided to pluck some plants out. I'm sure it would be more impressive sans empty side but that niece of mine is speedy with her actions! 

Lastly we've got mint - and boy oh boy was this ever a good one! It sort grew out like crazy and even with my weekly grooming (mostly to put in my water) there is tons left to use! Hooray!

Yay! I figure once it gets cold out I might bring the pots inside to have fresh herbs over the winter but depending on space on my plant shelf, they might just get moved into a more sheltered spot and I'll hope for the best! What do you think? Has anyone out there ever managed to successfully grow cilantro in a pot?

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  1. I'm not sure about cilantro, but for basil, once it flowers, then all the plant's energy goes there instead of the leaves. So for nice, lush basil leaves, you pluck the flower buds as soon as they show up. Also, picking / using leaves seems to induce the plant to produce more / bigger ones.