Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lego Key Holder

Even though the bowl I keep my keys in seems to be doing the trick - this awesome lego key holder idea from Minieco (link) is too much to resist:


Ah! So much awesome! I must say the stormtrooper does add to the level of appeal, but I just love the idea of a fun way to keep my keys! I can think of one person who could really use this one (hint - it's our new roommate and "I lose everything I touch" guy Jim). Although I'm not prepared to head to ebay to buy those special 3176 lego parts, I would be willing to add a few eye hooks to some regular lego bits like they did over at technabob (link)! Looks like it's time to go lego shoppin' and upgrade the ol' key bowl. What do you think? Are you a key loser?  (wait...that doesn't sound right....)


  1. Even though I'm more of a Han Solo gal than a Storm Trooper one, I like the look of this key holder a lot more than the homemade one you linked to. I wonder if that's due to the really awesome photography on this one.

  2. I keep my keys in my bag *at all times* to prevent me from losing them (which I used to do allllll the time) but I really like the idea of adding lego to my home decor ... hmmm ... it's time for a brainstorm, I think! ^_^