Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fairfield Vintage Fair

One of my favourite things about living in Victoria is being able to go to the wicked Vintage Fairs in Fairfield! They pop up a handful of times a year and I save up all my thrift shopping urges for one fabulous morning of sifting through tables and tables of Victoria's best! This time around I was lucky enough to bring my good pal Heather with me too! What a treat! Heck, even the fall weather was on our side with some mild temperatures and sunshine (which you can sort of see in the background there):

Now onto the fair! Since I've been going to these fairs for a year now, I must say the fall shows are my favourite. I feel like all the vendors spend their summer vacations scrounging the world for sweet vintage finds and being them all back for me to peruse in September! It was tons of fun peeking around at things with Heather since we have such similar taste and could casually browse all the tables and point out items the other may have missed - and boy - was there ever a lot to look at! Just check out a few shots I snapped of the show:

Oh it was so much fun and there were so many goodies I fell in love with! I even managed to pick up a few that fell into my "I only like to buy bargains" category. I ended up with four necklaces, a pendant, some jade clip on earrings, a big silvery brooch, and a silk scarf! Take a peek:

I really love the bright shiny gold necklaces and am fairly confident I was urged to get them solely based on how much Murder She Wrote I've been watching. If Angela Landsbury can rock those statement costume jewels I am sure I can too! Oh and I am extra in love with the cross stitched pendant I picked up! Now I just need to get some chain and I'll be set! Woo! 

And just in case you aren't into the costume vintage about his absolutely darling butterprint fridgie:

Ah! My long dry spell of no pyrex is officially over with this baby - I mean who can say no to teal and white farm prints? Not me! So good! Now to patiently wait for the next fair to see what else I can find...


  1. Vintage Fair! Dang, you guys have all kinds of cool stuff up there. Your cross stitch pendant would look super girly on a pretty pink ribbon. Have a great week!

  2. Ooh what fab finds! The cross stitch pendant is especiallu adorable! Jen x

  3. I freaking love that gold and black necklace! I would wear it always!!!!

  4. Here I am! I am having trouble with my computer. I can't remember my password so am left out in the cold!! I will have to ask your Dad to help me (when his is in a good mood. I guess I can contact you on your Scientific web site.
    I must go make lunch. talk to you soon. Mom OXOXOX

  5. Love the pyrex and I'm equally drawn to the cute turquoise colour beaded necklace. Looks like lovely finds!

  6. Wow, what an awesome fair! I love the yellow maniquin, your cross-stitched pendant, and the pyrex! I wish I could find pyrex in Australia >_< Great finds!

  7. You didn't pick up that little pyrex gravy boat I espied in the bottom corner of one of your pictures?

    1. I don't actually buy every single piece of Pyrex I spot. It all depends on usefulness, price, and design and since I never plan on cooking a roast or making gravy (ick) it didn't make it onto my list of purchases!