Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Crochet Boot Cuffs

After seeing the amazing boot cuffs from Lumi's Etsy shop last Friday (link), I've had crochet cuffs on the brain! You can imagine how thrilled I was when I found a similar free pattern over on Crafting On A Dime's blog (link)! Just look how cute those are:

Eeep! So cute! I think I may alter these a smidge when I attempt them and go for a darker more wintry shade of yarn, but otherwise am stoked to have come across them! I love nestling into the couch with some tea, Fringe, and a crochet project! In fact - it may just be the perfect way to spend a chilly afternoon! I wonder how many episodes it will take for me to finish the cuffs? Any guesses? What is your idea for a perfect fall afternoon?


  1. I'm pretty sure Jean just said, "Kate!" when we looked at your blog! And then she said "Bus!" because of one of your advertisements.

    I like this colour, and think it would be really nice in the winter. There's something icy about it that really appeals to me.

  2. Aaah! I was just dreaming of make my own in a mustard-ey shade when I ran into this post. :) I'm sold!

  3. These will be so cute! I love fall because it means jackets and sweaters and hoodies! I love layers!

  4. I bought the Audrey 3 movie set the other day. these could be done in the span on one Roman Holiday...maybe Sabrina for good measure.
    I feel like a left out suzie reading your blog at night now :(

  5. I really like the colour - it's sweet and wintery! But I think a darker shade would look just as cute ^_^