Monday, September 10, 2012

Let's stiffen up some doilies

There aren't nearly enough doilies on my blog these days so when I saw these fun stiff doily  decorations from Swoon (link)- I just had to share them with all of you! Take a peek:

Aren't they lovely? I really like the idea of filing up some vertical space with doilies and painting on some fabric stiffener is such a simple and genius idea!  Nothing like a quick and effective day long craft project to perk up my doily obsession! I think these would be particularly charming hanging above our headboard on the dark contrast wall or maybe even in a window. If I owned a shop I would totally work them into a store front display, but for now I'll have to stick to the at home version. I'm thinking all cream and extra dreamy. Good plan. Any thoughts? 


  1. This would be so cool in front of a dark wall, maybe with three colored ones popping out. I've used glue to do something like before, worked well. Hope to see your results soon!

  2. Pink for above Jim's bed!

    I think pastels would be lovely. Maybe a sage green in with the cream.
    I worked as a material tester today. In a lab. We cooked dirt on a stove, and I realy enjoyed the smell of the dirt while it was drying.

  3. I like, BUT I think the dusting would be atrocious. So, instead I think you should put them behind glass in a frame. Maybe on a dark background?