Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fairfield Vintage Fair

One of my favourite things about living in Victoria is being able to go to the wicked Vintage Fairs in Fairfield! They pop up a handful of times a year and I save up all my thrift shopping urges for one fabulous morning of sifting through tables and tables of Victoria's best! This time around I was lucky enough to bring my good pal Heather with me too! What a treat! Heck, even the fall weather was on our side with some mild temperatures and sunshine (which you can sort of see in the background there):

Now onto the fair! Since I've been going to these fairs for a year now, I must say the fall shows are my favourite. I feel like all the vendors spend their summer vacations scrounging the world for sweet vintage finds and being them all back for me to peruse in September! It was tons of fun peeking around at things with Heather since we have such similar taste and could casually browse all the tables and point out items the other may have missed - and boy - was there ever a lot to look at! Just check out a few shots I snapped of the show:

Oh it was so much fun and there were so many goodies I fell in love with! I even managed to pick up a few that fell into my "I only like to buy bargains" category. I ended up with four necklaces, a pendant, some jade clip on earrings, a big silvery brooch, and a silk scarf! Take a peek:

I really love the bright shiny gold necklaces and am fairly confident I was urged to get them solely based on how much Murder She Wrote I've been watching. If Angela Landsbury can rock those statement costume jewels I am sure I can too! Oh and I am extra in love with the cross stitched pendant I picked up! Now I just need to get some chain and I'll be set! Woo! 

And just in case you aren't into the costume vintage about his absolutely darling butterprint fridgie:

Ah! My long dry spell of no pyrex is officially over with this baby - I mean who can say no to teal and white farm prints? Not me! So good! Now to patiently wait for the next fair to see what else I can find...

Saturday, September 29, 2012

My New Addiction.

Well it's official - I'm addicted to buying reasonably priced vintage dresses off Etsy.  With all the bargain hunters and thrift shopping sharks that apparently snap up all the deals at every thrift shop here in Victoria, I've turned to internet shopping to fill the void. I was a little hesitant starting out with online used clothing shopping since I really like being able to feel fabric, inspect potential flaws, and (or course) try things on!  But with the ease of the internet at my fingertips (usually on my phone when I'm laying in bed not sleeping) I started to browse and soon enough found so many gems I just couldn't say no to! Oh my!  Looks like I'd much rather let someone else sift through the (usually stale and smelly) isles of second hand shops and pay a bit extra for them to be shipped right to my door. Heck - it even means I get more mail! Hooray!  

Since I haven't managed to snap any pleasant pictures of me sporting my new (to me) duds  I thought I'd share my new three favourite online vintage shops with you (in no particular order) and you can catch a glimpse of pieces I snagged too! Yay! Let's go:

1) Tiny Yellow Bird - A fun and cheery shop full of unique pieces and bargain buys.  I bought two dresses from Lily on my first go and fell in love their classic, schoolmarm style.  Plus grey and blue are both neutrals so it was a gentle step into working some new outfits into my wardrobe. How convenient! 

2) Yessiree Petunia Vintage - Lesley has the most fabulous online shop stocked full of amazing (and reasonable!) dresses and accessories to drool over! I first popped by her blog (link) when she left a comment here and although I've been a loyal reader who loves hearing about her real life vintage peddling (out of an adorable little vintage trailer called Matilda) I have no idea why I had never checked out her shop! It is well worth a browse and so far I've been a repeat polka dot dress purchaser thanks to Lesley Jean!

3) Superstition Vintage - Another amazing vintage etsy shop full of wonderful handpicked and loved items that don't break the bank. Much like the other two shops, this one updates regularly so it's worth it to check back in and see what's new! Adrian does an amazing job getting a range of products in a range of sizes and so far I've places two orders with her to get a summery light teal shirt dress and a fall worthy midi skirt.

Just in case I haven't convinced you on how sweet it is to buy vintage online here are a few more reasons I used to rationalize my purchasing (and apparently another list):

1 ) Unlike pants and trousers, dresses are easier to make fit. They're usually a little forgiving  when it comes to flab fluctuations and are great for pear shaped ladies like me!

2) All of my purchases turned out to be cheaper than if I had attempted to make them on my own. Not to mention how much grief and sewing I saved myself (well...I guess I did mention that...)

3) Older dresses are longer! I'm not sure when current clothing shops will learn that some of us out there prefer frocks that cover the knees (and my entire bum in some cases), but until they do - preowned is the way to go!

4) Chances are you won't bump into someone sporting the same dress! Avoid being a cookie cutter clone and branch out into originality (kind of).

5) Instead of supporting giant fast fashion slave labour corporations you're buying from great ladies like these and helping reduce, reuse, and recycle some goods! Good for you!

Add in the points I already made above (shopping in bed, getting mail, and pre-sifted vintage gems) and I figure I've got myself convinced! Online shopping is the way to go! Now to try to limit myself and stick to budget...oh dear...

Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Find: Creature Cups

Today's find is all sorts of awesome. I mean who wouldn't want an octopus hanging out in the bottom of their cup of tea? Check out the charming mugs from Etsy shop Creature Cups (link):

Eee! They are sort of like fun sea themed version of these woodland tea cups I blogged about in January 2011 (link) - which is great since they will be spending time swimming in delicious liquids! Now if only shipping wasn't $23...

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Oh internet -  you are an endless source of entertainment and this picture is certainly no exception:


Oh dear! When I first saw this (thanks to Lindsay of course) I laughed so much my abs hurt. How can you not love that expression? Yup. Looks like today is all about off-taste images. Hopefully it will brighten up your Thursday!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cross Stitch Stool

I am always a fan of homemade home decor - and this DIY flower cross stitch stool from This Little Street (link) really takes the cake - just check out that texture and colour scheme:


It's official! I'm in love! It doesn't look all that difficult when it is wonderfully photographed and documented:


How fun! It does look like a bit more dedication than my usual quick little craft projects - but it is certainly worth it! Maybe I will have to make my own spiffed up stool version and see what I can come up with. What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mittens gets a makeover

If you are one of my instragram followers (I'm @scientificculture) you may have already seen some peeks of my washi made-over keyboard - but just in case you aren't I thought I'd share them here too! I've been working on my washi tape collection this year and even though I seem to find loads of tutorials using them, I thought it would be fun to snazzy up my laptop Mittens' keys with some nice florals and patterns! Check it out:

I originally just had the blue tape on the space bar, but when I received a fresh shipment of pretty florals from Pretty Tape (link) I just had to increase the decorating! I figured the side buttons were a great place to start since they frame the keyboard to well and won't mess up my typing. Here is the right side:

and a peek at the left:

I am particularly fond of the caps lock button (and larger roses that sort of mimic caps lock don't you think?) and am just thrilled with how it turned out! I also really like the little pointing hand for the esc and eject buttons too! Oh my! Now to decide if I should keep going to stick with it where it is...any thoughts?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Neon Dipped Succulent Pots

It's no surprise that I have a thing for house plants. Nothing like a little indoor greenery to spice (and home-y) up the joint and these adorable paint dipped succulent pots from hello bee (link) certainly appeal! Take a peek:

Ack! So cute! I love the idea of giving them as little gifts with the little homemade flags (could you image how sweet they'd be out of washi tape!?) but I must admit when I saw this one I was thinking of making them purely for myself. In fact - I think I need to take a trip to the garden supply store and do a little upgrade on many of my boring green plastic plant pots! Haha! I could even make some little washi flag name tags for Bob and Hamish! I figure the extra attention may even do my plants some good before we head into the rainy season here and my dear Fraser (the loyal plant water-er) leaves for his practicum. Looks like it's going to be a long winter for my plants so I hope they're ready for some neglect. Now to decide what colours to paint the pots with! Oh my! What do you think?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Updating my cover photo

I really like wearing and using the crafts I make. It's been a great way to grow my homemade accessories collection and offers me a dab of personality and colour to any outfit! It also conveniently gives me an excuse to showcase some of my handiwork and lets me talk about craftiness! Hooray! 

The other day I was chatting with a coworker and she loved the dark teal wooden flat earrings I was wearing.  I told her I made them and she was totally thrilled at my crafting skills! It quickly made me realize that loads of my friends and coworkers (especially new ones) have no idea about my crafting and selling life. Later on I was surfing around the internet when I saw a blog post about updating your facebook cover photo to better suit your online business. Oh! What a plan! I quickly went through my products page on my blog (link) and threw together a little montage that was cover photo size (851 x 315)! Check it out:

Yay! I figure it's a subtle way to show off some of my craftiness without spamming everyone. It is also a huge improvement over my last super pixelated picture I had on there and is a fun, cheery, and bright image of a huge part of my life! Here it is in action:

I waffled over putting my url in there but decided that a carefully places "I make stuff" does the trick. I also added "scientific culture" to my about info since it is after all a huge chunk of my life! Yipee! So what's the verdict? Careful product placement or overkill?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

four years fly by...

Great news! It may be two weeks late (oops) but this month marks my the 4th birthday of my blog (or blogiversary if you will)! Hooray!

I've come along way from my humble beginnings and although I started this off hoping that "I really hope this doesn't turn into one of those unfortunate decisions I tend to make" (link back to 2009) I am just thrilled with my blog-y progress! I've been posting (almost) daily for a good three years now and hopefully the journey over the internet has been as good for you as it has for me. In fact - I sort of imagine it has been better for you than me since you get to pop on the internet at your pleasure to enjoy (or skim) through my ramblings and I have to painstakingly schedule and write them all! I'm sort of joking (but truthfully spite my blog once in a while when I'd rather go to bed than blog) and have really enjoyed my journey of blogging.  When it comes right down to it, the main reason I blog is for myself, but there are so many other positive elements of blogging like meeting new internet friends, getting fun opinions on craft projects, and (or course) sharing my crafty/geeky life with everyone! I also get the absolute ultimate joy of meeting random blog readers once in a while too! What fun! So here's to four years of internet blog-dom and many more posts to come! And speaking of the future...what would you like to see more of on the blog? I'd love to hear about your favourite posts!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Find: Arc of Time

Today's find is the perfect accessory for the sewing enthusiast - a vintage spool ring from Arc of Time (link)! Just check out how cute this red one is:


Oh how darling! It is certainly a unique and bold ring, and I really like how sweet and one of a kind they are! Not into red? Take a look at these other options (and one with a button!!):


I'm pretty sure the warm lighting and sewing bits and bobs really sway my opinion on these, but I just love them! I'm a little concerned about how it would wear with the wood, thread, and paper on them after a few hand washes but I guess if you're going for unique and vintage there aren't many options! What do you think? Do you wish you had more spools in your wardrobe? 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Crochet Lessons with Kate

This past weekend I decided I would teach my friend Hetty how to crochet. I am a huge crochet enthusiast and love being able to spread my yarn hooking love with others! I have already attempted to teach both Jacqui and Lindsay crochet techniques and although I'm not sure either of them were quite as thrilled about hooking as I am, it is always a fun challenge! I really feel that crochet is easier to learn than knitting because if you screw up, you can just unpick a knot or two and try again (unlike when you mess up knitting and need to unravel a ton). Heck, if nothing else it's certainly a great way to spend a weekend afternoon with a pal! 

The result? Hetty is a crochet queen! Once she got over the frustrating tension and first row problems she was on a roll. We've decided to make the boot cuffs I posted about last Tuesday together so I taught her how to chain, single crochet, double crochet, and work in spacing! She even whipped up a cute little hair bow out of one her single crochet practise runs and a bobby pin:

How cute is that? Heather is certainly a good sport when it comes to crochet and she's decided to practise up this week and weekend while she is out of town! What fun! Welcome to the world of yarn crafts Hetty - I hope you enjoy your stay! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Herb-y Update

 With fall peeping in around the corner I figure I had better show you my summer progress on my herb growing before it's too late! I had quite the rough start this year and after three attempts at indoor growing, I decided outdoor herbs (and patience) were the way to go. Take a peek at my herby greenery on the patio:

OoOo! Much more successful than my first attempts! I managed to kill off cilantro a good three times before this one, and although there aren't many actual cilantro leaves to use - it did bloom so that must count for something right? Check him out:

Rosemary is next in the lineup and although it took an enormously long time to sprout, it is getting some hefty leaves on there. Also note that the bald side of the pot is where my niece Jean decided to pluck some plants out. I'm sure it would be more impressive sans empty side but that niece of mine is speedy with her actions! 

Lastly we've got mint - and boy oh boy was this ever a good one! It sort grew out like crazy and even with my weekly grooming (mostly to put in my water) there is tons left to use! Hooray!

Yay! I figure once it gets cold out I might bring the pots inside to have fresh herbs over the winter but depending on space on my plant shelf, they might just get moved into a more sheltered spot and I'll hope for the best! What do you think? Has anyone out there ever managed to successfully grow cilantro in a pot?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Crochet Boot Cuffs

After seeing the amazing boot cuffs from Lumi's Etsy shop last Friday (link), I've had crochet cuffs on the brain! You can imagine how thrilled I was when I found a similar free pattern over on Crafting On A Dime's blog (link)! Just look how cute those are:

Eeep! So cute! I think I may alter these a smidge when I attempt them and go for a darker more wintry shade of yarn, but otherwise am stoked to have come across them! I love nestling into the couch with some tea, Fringe, and a crochet project! In fact - it may just be the perfect way to spend a chilly afternoon! I wonder how many episodes it will take for me to finish the cuffs? Any guesses? What is your idea for a perfect fall afternoon?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hunter Boot Buffing

When I moved to Victoria last August I was excited to embrace a rainy city!  After spending most of my first 26 years in a semi-arid desert it was exciting to move somewhere were it would actually get wet and rain for longer spouts than a half hour or so.  It also meant that it would be practical for me to purchase rain boots and frankly I don't need much encouragement to rationalize buying a new pair of shoes. As soon as September hit I was stoked to find myself some Hunter boots (after all, the Queen recommends them and when is she ever wrong?) and as soon as Lindsay spotted them in Oak Bay we made a trip to purchase! Hooray! For the next few months I wore those things with glee each time I took a long trek in the rain and really enjoyed the fact that my feet were remaining warm and my pants/leggings were splash free. Oh Hunter boots - you were such a great purchase.

After a while my gorgeous black boots turned grey. They were no longer shiny and adorable and instead looked scuffed, dingy, and covered with a white gross film. Rats. What happened? I splurged on those babies and after half a year they looked awful! Time to bring on the internet and see what's up. As it turns out pretty much all natural rubber oxidizes over time and gets white residue blooming. Time to bring on a whole slew of home remedies I saw on the internet and their results:

1) wiping with a warm cloth  = does absolutely nothing

2) erasing the white bits with a rubber eraser = a ton of effort, with little to show for it

3) rubbing with olive oil = helps a smidge, but requires an enormous amount of elbow grease

4) wiping off the white with goo gone = also a lot of effort req'd for this one, takes ages, and you still need to oil afterwards

Well poo. I ended up doing to goo gone and olive oil solution for the boots and although it wasn't perfect, it seemed to sort of do the trick (but also took a HUGE amount of effort and a good hour or so). Soon enough summer arrived in Victoria and by home remedy boots made it to the back of the shoe closet. 

I had pretty much forgotten about my boot woes until I came across a rubber boot store in Cook Street Village. It's an entire shop of adorable rain wear and an enormous selection of Hunter wellies. Surely they would have a solution to the white film! The skies cleared and some beaming sun rays landed on one special bottle of boot buffing solution (enter angelic singing voices)...

Time to put it to the test. I grabbed a rag from our rag bin (which, by the way, is pretty much 100% Fraser's hole-y old champion socks), spray a little on, and wipe it away. Check out the difference:

Ahhhh!! How fabulous! That right boot looked like new again! If only I had heard and found out about last year! It was so little effort too! All I needed to do was spray it on, wait about 30 seconds, and give it a gentle wipe with the rag. Just like that! I really wish I hadn't spend hours with my own internet attempts of cleaning that film off so you could see a true "before and after" shot and not an "after I goo gone/oiled those suckers and after boot spray" shot instead. Here's a full boot view:

Yay! I really think Hunter should just include the spray when you buy the boots because I'm sure I'm not the only one that has spent countless hours working on cleaning those things up. Heck, I'd be thrilled to just raise the $100+ price tag up another $10 (which is how much the spray seems to cost) and save everyone out there a little pain. I mean you're already spending a small fortune on wellies I'm sure you could include the spray in there. Oh well. Hopefully some of you out there will learn from my mistakes and appreciate the rubber tips of this blog post as much as I would have if I found it last year. So how about you? Have you ever splurged on something to find out months later that it was annoying not what you expected? Any other Hunter boot owners out there with better cleaning tips? I'd love to hear!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Tea

It's official. My new goal in life is to eventually get a cat and make it some very fancy food dishes out of tea cups and saucers. I think it would be best to glue those suckers down so they don't get knocked over...but otherwise I think it is a pretty solid goal. Just look how darling this is:


Ah! How dainty! I love the idea of mixing in some of my favourite things (cats, tea cups, and ridiculously easy crafts) too! Hooray! Now let's look back at this 5 or 6 years from now and see if I've managed to stay on track for this one. What do you think?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mitten's current desktop

After my plea for help deciding on a background image for my new laptop Mittens (link), I've decided to go in a different direction. Aw! I know - how frustrating it is that I waffled over cute internet kitties and rated their cuteness when I would just scrap them both and throw up sophisticat instead. Check it out:

Since Mittens is used primarily for my scientific culture shop, product, and blog work I figured it was best to stick with some original Kate themed images and this muted tone sophisticat just suits me perfectly. I love how the colours match the geometric teal background and that he suits the left side of the screen (leaving loads o space for my desktop files on the right)! Hooray! I may end up switching to some of the other kitty designs later on when I'm feeling some extra fuzz therapy, but for now the bubble pipe and classy robe are really doing it for me. Happy Saturday and thanks again for all your help!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Find: Lumi

I'm not sure how the weather is where you're from - but here in Victoria fall is sneaking in! The mornings are extra dark and crisp and it's time to start layering up! I'm sure the rainy winter season will be here before we know it, so in preparation I'm searching for ways to park up my fall wardrobe. No better way to survive the wet winter than with a good ol' pair of boots and some new boot cuffs are a great way to add some warmth, colour, and texture to any outfit! Just check out these cute teal ones from Etsy's Lumi:


I'm sure the colour may be swaying my judgement on these, but boy oh boy are they ever cute! I also really like the idea of wearing cuffs over my socks and tights instead of full fledged giant handmade boot socks because if you're legs are anything like mine - there isn't an enormous amount of room left in my boots once my calves are in there! Oh my! Lumi has a whole bunch of fun crochet goodies in her shop so if you aren't the cuff type, there's lots of other nice wooly textured  handmade treasures to keep you warm this fall! Hooray! Anyone else stoked for autumn to arrive?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

My kind of project

Nothing like a three step craft project to make me feel extra productive! Just check out how cute these earrings are from How About Orange:


Ready for the directions? Let's go!

1. buy supplies (metal earring hoops and seed beads)
2. string beads onto wire
3. wear and enjoy your new earrings!

Ahaha! I told you it was easy - now to figure out what colour beads to buy. Hmm... What do you think? 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Insanity Puppy

Just in case I over-cat-ed you yesterday. Here is a cute (and sort of scary/funny) puppy:


Ahahaha! Hetty pinned this last night and it reminded me of all the hilarious insanity puppy images off that Jim showed me ages ago (link). Haha oh dear. Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mittens needs your help! (and I'd love your opinion)

Great news! I am the happy new owner of a new lap top! I've named him Mittens and am having the very difficult decision of what desktop image will suit him best. I (obviously) am aiming towards some sort of kitten picture and am especially enjoying layering kittens on top of the fun geometric wallpapers they had on How About Orange (link).  Here are the two wallpapers I'm waffling over at the moment and I would LOVE your input. So which will it be?

Background #1 - A plethora of persians:

or Background #2 - Mittens comes for tea:

Heck - maybe neither tickle your fancy and I should go back to the drawing board...hmm...such hard decisions! Who gets your vote?

Monday, September 10, 2012

Let's stiffen up some doilies

There aren't nearly enough doilies on my blog these days so when I saw these fun stiff doily  decorations from Swoon (link)- I just had to share them with all of you! Take a peek:

Aren't they lovely? I really like the idea of filing up some vertical space with doilies and painting on some fabric stiffener is such a simple and genius idea!  Nothing like a quick and effective day long craft project to perk up my doily obsession! I think these would be particularly charming hanging above our headboard on the dark contrast wall or maybe even in a window. If I owned a shop I would totally work them into a store front display, but for now I'll have to stick to the at home version. I'm thinking all cream and extra dreamy. Good plan. Any thoughts? 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lego Key Holder

Even though the bowl I keep my keys in seems to be doing the trick - this awesome lego key holder idea from Minieco (link) is too much to resist:


Ah! So much awesome! I must say the stormtrooper does add to the level of appeal, but I just love the idea of a fun way to keep my keys! I can think of one person who could really use this one (hint - it's our new roommate and "I lose everything I touch" guy Jim). Although I'm not prepared to head to ebay to buy those special 3176 lego parts, I would be willing to add a few eye hooks to some regular lego bits like they did over at technabob (link)! Looks like it's time to go lego shoppin' and upgrade the ol' key bowl. What do you think? Are you a key loser?  (wait...that doesn't sound right....)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Plant Pals for Bob

I seem to be having a spout of plant killing going on at the moment. I decided it would be a great idea to put a few of my babies into bigger pots and apparently none of them are taking because I have a whole lot of plant death going on around here. Rats. 

I considered repotting my beloved ficus Bob, but since I have had such good luck with the other plants I decided against it and instead bought him some little plant pals for his soil. Consider it a present to win over the plant growing gods. Take a peek:

Okay - so you can't really see them very well...let's go in closer:

Oh hello little bunny, elephant, and giraffe! I'm sure you are loving your new home and despite the fact that you were designed for topping cupcakes I am sure you are just thrilled about accompanying Bob to help encourage growth (or at least...not death...). If you aren't convinced of their cuteness take a peek at their back sides:

Nothing like a little tail watching to perk up the plants right? Come to think of sort of looks like they are mooning him. Good thing I love mooning so much (and obviously my plants must too!) Hooray! Plastic plant pals for everyone! Here's to wishing some long life to my ficus! 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Find: Wayward Traders

Even though we've still got plenty of weeks before Halloween, it seems like spooky crafts are peeking up all over the internet! When I saw this adorable coffin cutie by Wayward Traders (link) I totally wanted to share it as my Friday Find!


Ah! So much cute I can't handle it! I love the attention to detail on this guy (and his matching coffin) and I'm also quite fond of the mossy background. With all the warhammer stuff Fraser works on all the time I'm finding I am increasingly drawn to cute skulls and although I am no longer a teenage girl (is it just me or do loads of teenagers love skulls?), it may be turning into an obsession! Hooray for cute skulls and neat crochet cuties! What do you think? Are you a skull fan? 

Thursday, September 6, 2012


The other day Fraser sent me this image as a text message:

Yup. Fraser and Beauregard. BFFs. Thanks Fraser. I can't wait to see what you send me next!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cork Board Dipped Clips

Remember how last week I did a post about making washi tape clothespins but couldn't think of what to do with them (link)?  Although I do love the idea of turning them into magnets I am one of those poor sufferers of stainless steel appliances (that was sarcasm btw) and don't actually have any magnetic surfaces to stick them to. I do however have one large cork inspiration board in my craft room and these dipped clips from the Swoon blog are just lovely! (link):

What a swell idea! I am actually really loving the dipped look too and am particularly fond
or the colour choices! Coral, tea, white, neon yellow, and gold? Yes please! Now I just need to dip some clips! Then perhaps clip some chips to my hips (with the dip clips) and watch the moon eclipse! Yup. I went there. Say that ten times fast...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My last market! BSSM - vol vii!

With summer coming to an end - so ends my run at the Bastion Square Sunday Market! It was quite adventure and I have certainly learned a lot about battling the wind at outdoor craft shows. I was prepared for a chilly day with loads of layers this week and as it turned out, the sun was nice and warm and once we got into the afternoon it was time to take some of those layers off! I had originally decided to wear some jeans for the day but after putting them on (and seeing how ill fitting they were) I switched back to old faithful (a jersey skirt and tights). Fraser later told me that, "you don't wear pants Kate - you're a tights and skirt girl!"  Thanks Fras - you're right. You just can't beat that waistband free comfort. Here I am bright and cheery and ready for sales:

Heather was nice enough to join me for the day and we had a great time chatting and enjoying all the customers and dogs walking by. Heather even helped me set up and I love the double fan she did with my blogness cards:

I always seem to want things "just so" when I set up, but it is nice to get a second person in to spice things up a bit. Plus Hetty is always a joy - just look how enthused she is here!:

Best news of the day? I bought a fold up stool last week and even though it was my very last show - I am overjoyed with how nice it was! Finally I could sit down a bit during the day and still be up high and connected to talk with people checking out my stall. Yay!

My body has certainly been thanking me for the extra time off my old lady joints and it really let me last market go out with a bang! Apparently Heather and I were on fire with the earring sales and had my most successful day yet! Go Labor Day long weekend! Hooray! Now to get some consignment sales shipped out, scout out xmas shows, and maybe even post some items on etsy! Woo woo! Thanks for the great summer of craft shows Victoria!