Wednesday, February 13, 2013

bring on the decluttering!

Much like I mentioned in my refashioning post yesterday (link), as part of my resolution to cut out the stress and lead a happier and more wondrous life I've been tackling the clutter and moving onward! I've been making pretty good progress with my sewing projects and today after work I thought I'd take 15 minutes and finally take on the giant headache of a bathroom drawer I have. Does everyone have on of these in their house? It's a mash of tangled bits that I scramble through a few times a day which makes me feel irrationally angry but for some reason I never seem to bother to organize. Well not today. Today I will take on this disaster drawer:

Ok, so I admit this organizing was a little preemptive.  I have been thinking about tackling my mess for a good eight months now (oh boy, I'm a pro procrastinator) and on my way home from work I thought I may as well check out the dollar store and see what they have in the ways of cheap organize-y things I could use in the drawer. The result? A wonderful section of little container bits at a reasonable price that were just begging to come home with me! Hooray! Then all I had to do was drop my purse at the door, kick my shoes off, and get drawer organizing! Bam! Here's the after shot:

I must say I had way more little clear hair elastics and bobby pins than I thought I did (like, 2+ packages worth) and I am looking forward to the next time I need to find "insert random toiletry item" and can whip it out in seconds flat! Ahha! Why in the world did I put this off for so long when it is so ultra satisfying to be organized and useful?! Well no more lazy, self sabotaging, procrastination for me! Bring on the decluttering and bring on the stress free living! Woo hoo! 

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  1. Inspiring! You should come to my house and help me out with my drawers! Or I could just take a trip to the dollar store...