Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Homemade beauty

I've always been a sucker for new beauty products. I'm not sure what brainwashes me into splurging on new creams, washes, and do-dads but I have always enjoyed a beauty product shopping spree and lately I've come to realize that 1) it is a ridiculously unnecessary expense, 2) It doesn't matter what product I end up with it never really seems to do the trick in the long run and 3) they're usually full with all sorts of chemicals that I can barely pronounce! Oh dear!  Luckily I've been inspired by good old Pinterest (specifically Lindsay's hand made beauty page) to try my my hand at making my own beauty products from stuff I already have at home and it has been going pretty well! How lovely! I'm still in my 6 week trial period (where I try out concoctions and see which actually work in the long run for me) but I'll be sure to share my findings once the trials are complete! Ahha! 

So far my adventures in homemade cleansers and creams has been pretty enjoyable and although not all of the recipes have worked out (I once did a hair mask that resulted in my spilling apple cider vinegar in my eyes and smelling like salad dressing...) it has been fun nonetheless. I've also discovered that making my own products has cut down on waste substantially and has even helped out the budget! How nice! I figure I should just keep rolling with the waste reduction, home making, and budget savings and try my hand at making my own cotton facial scrubby pouf things like they did at "little Z handmade" (link):


Don't they just look dreamy in that picture? And to think - I would never again need to buy another wasteful tube of cotton pad things for toner or makeup remover! It may also let me avoid ever having to walk past the dreaded cotton ball aisle which, in case you were wondering, gives me awful tingles up and down my spine! Ah! Does anyone else out there have an irrational fear of cotton balls? Want to make your own reusable, washable, adorable little cotton facial pads with me? 


  1. ewwwww i like those pads better than the current wash cloths that im making in my shop..i may have to add those to my shop as well!

    1. You totally should Trisha! I didn't even think about your sweet line of handmade lovelies! You're a pro!

  2. They look so nice and I love the colours! And surely they would feel nicer on the face than those little plasticy cotton pads ...

  3. I think you'd have to pick just the right cotton to have those pads work nicely. Some of the cheap stuff seems like it would hurt (and in my small town, all we can get is the cheap stuff). If you find a good source online, let me know!

    Also, scared of cotton balls? Why?