Monday, February 4, 2013

More Kate Dates!

As part of my goal to decrease the stress levels in my life I've been trying to make extra time each week to go on a "kate date." It is nice to set aside a little time to go out by yourself and do something just for yourself and recharge a bit! I'm also finding that after a long week or illness/work it is just as pleasant to have some quiet alone time at home and since Fraser and I have both been enjoying some peaceful time at home I thought this print suited the mood nicely:


The dull grey February days we've been having make it extra nice to stay in and now that I've found some nice green and herbal teas to enjoy (I was cut off of black tea and coffee a few months ago when I was full of stomach flu) it has been lovely! It also seems that there will be a whole lot more opportunity for alone time since Fraser is heading back to Kamloops today (and picking up work there for the next 6+ weeks)! Oh my! Looks like I'm back to lots of kate date time while he is busy being responsible.  This may also mean an increase in cat pictures....we'll see...


  1. more cat pictures please!!

    Oh I need a Tanya date, sounds marvellous!