Tuesday, February 26, 2013

my new super power

One of my favourite things about having an iPhone is the option to do group text messages between other iPhone (4 and above) users! It has actually revolutionized my ability to keep close friendships with Lindsay, Sarra, and Hetty and lets us all have ongoing conversations about pretty much anything and everything that is going on in our lives (while being in different places)! It's amazing! It has also given me the opportunity to spam those ladies (two of which are not cat people) with the cute cat pictures I come across on instagram! Who wouldn't like waking up to some hand picked furry kitties to perk up the day? Ok...so non cat people probably don't appreciate it very much but it has become my morning routine now and the one day I didn't post any kitties I actually got requests to! What's this? Do I have the amazing power to very (VERY) slowly turn non cat people into cat people? I hope so! Here is a nice selection of some of the fuzz balls Lindsay, Sarra, and Hetty have been waking up to:


I decided to leave the Instragram usernames up there in case you are must like me and like to follow hundreds of strangers on the internet to vicariously enjoy their kitties (plus it gives you a reference of where I got the images from)! Hooray!

My super "liking of cats" powers seem to be working since Lindsay finally admitted that she enjoys "Japanese cats" which, as far as I understand from her, means "cats owned by Japanese people" and is pretty much referring to all those cute exotic short haired squashed face kitties I am growingly drawn to. Hetty also admitted to me one morning that cats are starting to grow on her (oh, if you didn't figure it out by now - Sarra is already an awesome cat person)! Oh yeah! Converting them over to the dark side! I am also quite confident that Fraser was never interested in cats until he met me and just yesterday told me how much he loves kittens over text message. How about that? I must have some mutation of toxoplasmosis that is changing everyone's brain chemistry around me to be cat people! Ho ho! Or...you know...cats are cute and shoving them enthusiastically in their faces each morning is fairly convincing...but I like the scientific reasoning better. What do you think? Are any of those instagram kitties cute enough to turn you into a cat liker? 


  1. best super power ever.instagram cats are actually the best. I am totally guilty of putting many many gratuitous pics of her on ig!