Tuesday, February 19, 2013

kitty flare up!

Guess what lovely blog pals? I am suffering from one heck of an epic rheumatic/fibro flare up and typing is certainly an extra challenge for me with all this swelling! Looks like I will be spending my time icing and capsaicin-ing it up in hopes to have full use of my wrists and hands soon enough. It also means that you are lucky enough to see some cute kitties to entertain you! Just look how sweet these mom and baby combos are:


D'awwwwwww! Adorable! I'm undecided which one of these is the cutest - maybe that first one in the blinds? Hmm. What do you think? Anyone else suffering from flare ups these days? Does this mean spring is on its way? 


  1. Do all these mom and baby combos mean you're considering your own kitty offspring? The little white one with black spots is adorable, but a marmalade cat would look more like its "mother" :)

  2. Oh dear - I hope you feel better soon, Kate! I think the second last photo is my favourite, but the kitten in the blinds sure is cute ^_^