Monday, February 25, 2013

Stitched Heart Pin

This weekend I decided I would attempt to fight through the arthritis flare up that is completely taken over my hands and wrists and try to get some solid work done.  Not to worry now - I'm not going crazy with strenuous activity that is sure to damage my poor old joints, but since the amount of tasks I've got to do is piling all around me I figure I can try to use my stiff mitts (which is pretty much what my hands have turned into) for short periods of time to get some tasks completed! Hooray! Ok, so it's a painful and slow process but it does feel good to make some amount of progress and I'm sure if I just keep plugging away at things they will all be complete in no time ( theory)! Yay! 

One of the tasks I decided to undertake is organizing my taxes and although my paper sorting and receipt keeping skills have improved substantially over the years, it is still quite the daunting and unpleasant project. Rats. Luckily when I decided to take a little internet break to give my number crunching brain a break I came across this darling stitched heart pin from the little pincushion studio blog (link):


Isn't it just perfect? I love how simple and easy it would be to make and how it adds the perfect touch of handmade love to that cardigan! Adorable! It has also conveniently taken my mind of taxes for just long enough to share it with you and have myself a cup of tea. Lovely. Now if only my taxes were this pleasant...


  1. That is so cute, I wish I knew how to cross stitch.

  2. Super cute! I am very impressed that you use your downtime to do taxes - I am lazy and a bad adult and I just read instead ~_^

  3. oh oh ! new follower! i am having so much fun exploring.. checking debit card balance so i can shop !!