Friday, February 1, 2013

I Love Everything About You!

If there's one thing I hope to never get sick of - it's colouring! Nothing like taking out the box of pencil crayons/paints/whatever and spending some nice quiet alone time making the world prettier (and more colourful)! I've mentioned in the past how much I love mixing up paint colours and mixing them to make sweet combinations so when I came across this free (and quite Valentine-sy) printable from Tried & True (link) I knew I'd have to try it out. Just check out that wonderful combination of "I am dying to be coloured in" fonts:

And such a darling message in this one too! Since I was already playing around on the ol' lap top I thought I'd try my hand at digitally colouring in this baby and it was strangely even more satisfying than the real thing! I can get exactly the tone and shade I'm going for and with one little click it is evenly applied and ready for sharing! Hooray! Here's how my colouring turned out:

Ooo those muted tones! What a dream! You'll have to try and colour in this one for yourself and tell me how yours turns out...


  1. I love colouring! Your version is lovely ^_^

  2. colouring is the best. Especially when it is a hello kitty colouring book. Not, however, when I finish the entire page to hello kitty perfection and my 3 year old nephew comes and 'fixes' it with GIANT scribbles.

  3. I love colouring too - maybe it's mom's fault? I also love dot to dots!