Thursday, March 19, 2015

DIY Postage Pins

Geeky childhood confession - I collected postage stamps.  I actually feel like it was instigated by my mom who got my sister and I "Canada Post Stamp collecting kits" which I remember as being free in the early 90's (which I could be wrong about - but that was 20 years ago...).  As I got older I stopped thinking stamp collecting was super awesome but my mom continued on the collecting for years.  I still make a note of checking out the stamps on any mail I receive and I always like checking out the new stamp collections at the post office when I'm there.  It's such a neat art form and with this rad tutorial from Miss Vicky Voila (link) - you can turn that post marked postage into pins! Check it out:


Oh do I ever love this idea! I'm also on quite the Sculpey accessory making binge so this fits in perfectly! Now all I need to do is find some cool stamps worth pinning to my cardigan and I will be set! How about you? Do you go on craft binges? Did you collect anything embarrassing as a kid?


  1. Adorable! I still have my childhood stamp collection (which I must admit I still supplement if I get a cool stamp on any mail I recieve) so I really must try this out! I collected so many things as a child (those hoarding tendencies started early!) but probably the most embarrassing, or at least the weirdest, was business cards. I had enough to completely fill a shoe box and then I decided I didn't want to collect them anymore ... so I sold them on eBay! Someone paid me $20 for my box of business cards, which I was very pleased with. I still can't believe someone actually brought them!

    1. I've always been a crazy collector too! I'm not actually embarrassed by much these days, but I think stamp collecting is stereotypically embarasing (much like bird watching) anyways.

      Interestingly enough - I STILL collect business cards. I save cards from fun shops and restaurants I've visited or from vintage and handmade items I buy online. I then put them in a binder in baseball card organizers so I can look through them! I've been failing at the "putting into a binder" part lately though and have a little box at the moment with my recent finds.

      Also - thanks so much for commenting on my posts Lisa! Every time I see one it makes my day! :)

  2. OMG! I was part of the Canada Post Kids Stamp Collectors too!! I think I still have them all... somewhere... in a box... somewhere... The dinosaur ones were my favorite. What a geeky coincidence.