Monday, March 23, 2015

Extreme Pyrex Love

The last time I posted about Pyrex on here I had a tiny handful of pieces and was super stoked to share each one as I found it.  In the last three years my pyrex collecting has become quite extreme as I have enthusiastically thrifted a lot of these lovely vintage milk glass dishes. At first I was all about the 441s (the small cinderella style bowl with the handles) and 403s (the 3rd largest mixing bowl size) and then it became all about good deals and bowl sets. I now have well over 80 pyrex dishes, have completed oodles of bowl sets, and am still thrilled when I see these lovely dishes in the wild! I've also (obviously) picked up my thrift shopping game quite dramatically checking much more often for new pieces - and Fraser and I have made pyrex hunting one of our new past times! it's really more my favourite hobby than Fraser's...but he is a good sport and wonderfully supports my excitement and purchases (what a great husband)! 

I'd really like to take some time and share all about my favourite pieces and amazing deals I've found but for today will share one of my favourite sets that are prime for using (unlike the rest of my collection that requires a step stool to get at)! Behold - my almost primary frankenset:

Isn't it lovely? The smallest and two largest bowls are from the classic primary mixing bowl set and I've swapped out a verde 402 for where the red bowl usually goes! I really dig the colour combination and am slightly less concerned about breaking them because they are all duplicates. Ack! Did I just admit that? Well - technically they aren't all duplicates. I have a completed 1940's unnumbered primary pyrex set on display on my living room/dining room dividing book shelf - and these bowls are numbered so they are newer and technically different. The verde 402 is indeed a duplicate, but I am super drawn to those olive/avocado greens so I'm not surprised I ended up with two. My other duplicates now hold succulents in my living room and I now have pictures of my collection saved on my phone so I can avoid mistakingly purchasing doubles in the future! Yay!

So my pyrex love has definitely become slightly more extreme - but I still rejoice over every last piece I manage to find and lovingly bring home to my hoard. It's certainly becoming harder and harder to find pieces I don't have but it certainly isn't going to stop me from looking! Is there anything you collect from thrift shops? How long has it taken you to build up your stash? 


  1. You can pass on all your rejects to me!

    1. I don't know if you're joking or not. Don't you mock my giant pyrex stash?