Monday, March 2, 2015

Left over wedding decor

As you may have heard, Fraser and I have been working on fixing up and unpacking our condo for a good two years.  Now that the majority of the renovations are done (just some little touch up projects left), we can really focus on unpacking all of these boxes that have been sitting here for ages and enjoy our home and our things! What a concept!  

A lot of our unpacking is actually just trying to purge like crazy and see what we really don't use or need anymore and what fits in our lives (and house).  I found it super satisfying when I got around to sorting through our left over wedding stuff because most of it ended up being recycling and donations! I can't believe we just packed all that crap up after the wedding and shoved it in the spare room for it to sit for a year and half taking up space! Oy!  

I did want to keep a few things to remind of our magical special day - and one of those things were my homemade pom poms! I painstakingly crafted hundreds of tissue paper and yarn poms for months before our celebration and even though the tissue ones went straight in the recycling, I couldn't part with the adorable little fluffy white yarn ones I spent so much time and love making. But what do you do with a garbage bag full of white pom poms? Apparently put them in apothecary jar and pop them on the main bathroom counter! Behold:

Now whenever I'm washing my hands I can be pleasantly reminded of all the fun we had on our wedding and since these poms are wonderfully enclosed in glass they won't even become a giant dust magnet! Ho ho! Bonus! I even bought the jars on clearance years ago so they were just empty vessels waiting for a decorative purpose. Double bonus! I'm certainly thrilled with how this little project turned out and how wonderfully it fits in with our bathroom colour scheme. So how about you? Did you keep any of your wedding paraphernalia around? How do you use/display it? 


  1. I think this is a fantastic idea, Kate! I really want to see a house tour from you one day ~___^ I didn't craft much for my wedding (shocker, I know!) but I did make all the centerpieces and so had dozens of miniture hurricane bottles left over. I gifted a lot of them, but still have some that I use as vases around the house. They are perfect for the small buds that I've managed to grow ^___^

    1. That sounds lovely! I made mason jar centrepieces with pom pom flowers and cuttings from my mom's garden. I still have the 20+ jars but figure I MIGHT want to take up canning or making jam one day so they could come in handy.

      And yes - I totally will do a house tour the next time the lighting is right for photos. I found a few "before" pictures I took when we were still apartment shopping so although it doesn't do our renos that much justice - it has come a long way :)

  2. I have seen pom poms made into a rug/bath mat... If you have some left still...