Monday, March 30, 2015

Stepping up my painting game!

I've always been very particular about colours - I like certain shades, am extra fond of muted jewel tones, and like combinations that pop. With this in mind, I rarely ever find paint colours I can use straight from the tube and end up mixing my own instead.  This process is enjoyable but can be quite tedious when my perfectly mixed paint dries and I want to continue working on the same project the next day.  The solution? Making my very own custom coloured paint pots! Aha! Why in the world did this take me so long to figure out? So I took a nice little trip over to the Dollarama, picked up some sweet stackable small containers, and got to mixin'! Here is what I ended up with:

Yay! I promise you they are even more stunning in person and make my crafting/painting life so much easier.  Now I am free to paint for as long as I'd like and still be able to come back and continue without more mixing! Oh the world is a wonderful place! Sure I'm missing out on the fun of mixing up the colours but if I want a new tone I can just start a new pot! Plus they lock together for easy storage:

Ooo those mid-centurty modern colour palettes are dreamy. I am now substantially more efficient when it comes to acrylics and used these lovely custom colours to make 26 different necklaces last week. Apparently I went a smidge overboard with the painted beads and pendants but who wouldn't go nuts over perfect colour tones? I'll be sharing my creations over the next while and you'll be able to see these colours in action! What about you? Are you also the colour police? 


  1. They look fantastic Kate! I don't really paint enough to do something like this (although I am tempted!) but I have a wet palette that I adore so I can pause a project without having to try and get that exact shade again before the next time I work on it. I'm usually pretty happy with in-the-tube colours though ... my local craft store has a gorgeous range and I want all of them!

    1. Thanks Lisa! The only two paints I am satisfied using straight from the tube are "light buttermilk" (which is a creamy white) and black. I'm ridiculously picky about my other colours. Sometimes there are colours close to what I want but not quite perfect - so enter my OCD and these paint pots to the rescue! Yay!