Sunday, March 15, 2015

The best news for polymer clay users!

I'm a big fan of making things out of polymer clay. It's super fun to stretch those creative muscles and take a stab at sculpting shapes and creatures from clay! I'm partial to using Sculpey brand polymer clay because it doesn't dry our or get all crumbly if you leave it out and only gets rock hard after baking. It's also a great base to paint on and is super durable once its cooked.  I decided to whip out my box of Sculpey this past weekend and attempt to make a few projects I have been thinking about for quite some time! As always, my craft projects always seem to take way longer than I think they will (so I'm nowhere close to finishing them and sharing) but here are some of my past polymer clay projects I've made: 

1) Geometric pendants and rings!

2) Albi the racist dragon magnet set (including badly burnt albanian boy and jelly bean) for any FOTC fans out there!

3) Love robot charms! Back when people hung things off their cell phones...

What a lovely little trip down past craftiness memory lane! Now - what is this big news I was hinting at from my blog post title? WELL! If you've ever spent ages playing with clay you quickly come to realize that it is incredibly hard to get off your hands. Friday night I made a bunch of little white Sculpey balls and with all that rolling the palms of my hands were coated with a nice layer of clay.  When I finished baking my creations and went to wash up with soap when I remembered how much scrubbing it takes to get that layer off. I whipped out the gardening nail brush scrubber and ended up getting the clay off after 5 minutes of elbow grease.  The next morning I decided to search Pinterest to see if they had any fun polymer clay projects I may want to try with my remaining Sculpey and found a life changing tip - hand sanitizer dissolves clay for quick and easy hand clean up! AH! MY SAVIOUR : 

My polymer clay cleaning days are forever revolutionized! A little squirt of this stuff and that pesky layer of mess on your hands rubs right off with no scrubbing involved! Oh! I'm still ecstatic about this discovery and thought I better share it with all of you! Hooray for clean hands! What a wonderful world we live in! 

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  1. That's a great tip, thanks for sharing it! I use FIMO and that's always a pain to scrub off my hands too - I'll try this out next time I use some.