Friday, March 27, 2015

Katie Makes

Mollie Makes (link) magazine is awesome.  It is jam packed with fun sewing, knitting, crocheting, weaving, and thrifty upcycling projects that you totally want to make and has the dreamiest colourful pictures to swoon over on each page.  Seriously though - how many magazines out there always have projects you want to make in them? In my experience - very few. Sure I love the projects in my subscription to Bust magazine, but Mollie Makes is dedicated to craftiness so there are loads of fun ideas in there! Like most magazines I fall in love with, it's from the UK.  Those Brits certainly know how to win me over with publications but torment me with their lack of availability in Canada and when you do manage to get your hands on a copy it is usually outdated by a season. (Note: they did have a US version of the magazine for a while but it was pretty lack lustre in comparison and I think it may be gone now since I haven't seen one in ages?).

Well! Availability is no longer a problem for me since I decided at xmas to subscribe! I still get them a good 3 weeks after they are released over the pond, but it was totally worth it (plus mail! yay!). Another amazing perk of this fabulous magazine? They come with little projects packages too! Here was my most recent bonus craft kit:

Looks amazing right? I tore straight into this mini project and am thrilled with my sweet new accessories! Check them out:

Yay! I ended up supplementing the kit with some of my favourite embroidery floss colours and surprisingly broke three needles when making these. Seriously? I never break needles. It must have been all that enthusiasm I was pouring into making these babies! 

I made the pendant in a chevron pattern that wasn't actually in their "18 designs to chose from" but was super simple.  I added the dark teal and grey thread from my stash and when I finished and glued the back extra strings down I whipped out some dark turquoise paint to finish off the edges! For the brooch I went with a neat flower design they included the pattern for.  I used my own coral coloured floss because I am apparently supremely particular about my colour selections and finished it off with some coloured pencil petals and chartreuse painted edges! Oooo! Take a peek at those details:

Yaaayyy!!! Issue 51 of Mollie Makes is clearly a big winner and I even have a few more projects up my sleeve from this magazine too! Oh my! What do you think of my cross stitch creations? Are there any other magazines that will make my crafty life more fantastic I haven't heard of? Are you totally going to go buy this magazine now? I hope so!


  1. They both look really great, Kate! I love the addition of the coloured edges; such a clever idea! I get Mollie Makes too, but it's tricky to find in Australia! We're normally a couple of months behind. I used to have a subscription but our mail box is tiny and the postie always ripped the magazine while trying to deliver it - ____ - I don't buy many magazines anymore (I used to buy Cross-stitcher, and Simply Crochet, and Crafty but I found I never made any of the projects so *shrug*) but I do love Frankie magazine. It's an Australian publication and kind of lifestyle/craft/art/fashion - a good combo, methinks!

    1. Thanks Lisa! The Mollie makes magazine I get comes in a grey wrapper and I am pretty sure my elderly neighbours think I have a porn subscription! Oh my! I used to get a few more magazines but found that I didn't really read them all the way through or make any of the projects in them. Now I just stop by the book store once in a while and sift through anything of interest to see if it's worth the investment :)