Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hell of a Caturday

When I came across this image I just had to share it! Behold the ultimate in cute geekiness:


If you weren't already aware, my husband Fraser is a big geek.  I thought it was a pretty standard assumption but when I had my friend Maureen over a few weeks back I was showing her Fraser's studio (where is nerd-dom flourishes) as part of the condo tour.  She saw all of his war hammer and war machine little painted dudes all over and reacted with, "I didn't know Fraser was THAT much of a geek!"  Yep. He sure is. It's wonderful. That being said - Hellboy was one of his favourite comic characters when I met him many moons ago and since kitties are my favourite animal this picture is a lovely fusion of our likes! Yay! I mean look at those little faces and paws!! Adorable! Happy Caturday everyone! What geek level are you at? 


  1. Eeep! So sweet! Once our neighbours who live behind us came into our house (normally we just chat in the common garden area) and it was quite amusing to see their wide-eyed stares at all of the nerdy things in our lounge room. After gaping for a bit, one of them turned to me and said "say, are you guys geeks???" Um, yup! I don't feel like I'm super nerdy, because I'm not really into a lot of typical nerdy things (like coding, or building computers, or D&D, or Warhammer, and I've not even watched all of the Star Trek episodes!) but ... the normals clearly recognise that I am not one of them ~____^ Perhaps I am a baby geek; I still have much to learn. ^_____^

    1. I know what you mean Lisa! I consider myself more of a "science and cute things" geek more than anything - where Fraser is the "typical" sci-fi/fantasy geek. I am REALLY enjoying all the Marvel movies that have come out in the last few years though. If I knew how cool Thor was when I was a kid I would have been obsessed (but it's never too late to have a nerdy comic book hero crush right?)!