Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Find: Olula

Today's find is one of those etsy shops where I love every single item there is for sale! It's nice to see that someone over in Spain has such amazingly similar tastes and fills the world with neatly designed, colourful goods! Check out a few of my faves from Olula:  


Eep! I'm swooning! Felt, brooches, doilies, pouches, and geometric silkscreens? Oh my! Take a peek at the shop and see what items you'll fall for (link). Can you be decisive enough to pick a favourite? (I can't...that's why I picked four....)


  1. Did you know she was my 2nd in my Behind the Scenes series?!

    She is such a sweetheart - check out the interview if you hadn't read it before =)

    1. Oh Trisha! What great taste you have (as if I needed extra evidence for that!) Thanks for the link!

  2. Thank you for your wonderful topics :)

  3. These are great! Love that house pattern coin purse especially... x