Sunday, December 13, 2009

B is for banjo

Last night I went to a super awesome local show at the loft (which is very much a fun little closet of a music venue) and came to the realization that I really really need to learn how to play the banjo. This seems to the the trend whenever I see live music, even though last night's musical styling was far from banjo material. Instead it was the homegrown, nerd rock, weezer-esque goodness (which you should all check out) of the squish, but hey, it inspired some twangy 5 string urge regardless. And speaking of banjos - here's a lovely banjo print done by Cindy Tomczyk of paperparasol.

I've been admiring her old school vintage printing press artwork on etsy for quite some time and figure if I actually play the banjo this print would be perfectly suited for me. Wouldn't want to purchase such artwork under false pretenses after all. Maybe I'll just get the deer print instead - even though I'm not a deer, I do appreciate the woodgrain and floral combo which is close enough right?

1 comment:

  1. When you learn how to play the banjo, I'll get a jug, and we can have a sweet jug band! We can do covers of the Crabapple Creek Jug Band's hits such as "High on Hippie Hill".