Friday, December 25, 2009

Friday Find: Xmas!

That's right - this weeks pick is none other than the holly jolly holiday! Christmas! Brought to us by the big man himself - Santa! (or so my atheist ways have lead to believe). Enjoy a snapshot of my family's charlie brown beaut:

And even if you're not an xmas celebrator - hope everyone is having a lovely festive holiday season! And if you are one to spread the xmas cheer...what sweet goodies did santa bring you this year?


  1. Hey! I got some sweet swag - a record player, and some Jimi Hendrix albums! Woot!

    Hope your christmas was equally awesome!

  2. I love my christmas tree!!!! I also like exclamation marks. Ha, ha, I put a period after a remark about an exclamation mark! BEB

  3. I got some sweet robot pins from my sister -- which she already gave me in the summer! Hehe! Luckily Forgetful Jones was willing to trade up to some mustachioed kitties!