Thursday, December 17, 2009

Moment #2

So etsy has this lovely "customer appreciation picture" option that people can use when they write feedback on their purchases. I've never really had any, besides some spamy 'you should buy stuff from my shop' ones, until today! One lovely buyer posted a picture of my dear old bacteriophage pin on her lab coat! Sweet!

I find it so incredibly awesome that people like my stuff enough to 1) purchase it and 2) display it for the world to see! And send me pictures! Even better! I really shouldn't be so shocked by these moments - especially since I've sold a gross of buttons sets (literally - I calculated it - 144!) but proof of my pinback button love is wonderful nonetheless. I think I should start giving discounts to people who send me pictures of them wearing my goods - just like threadless. But then again, I am all for the ego stroking, like, all the time....hmm....


  1. Perfect choice for a labcoat, too! And I think the discount for picture sendbacks is a GREAT idea... plus, it encourages return purchases!

  2. The bacteriophages are the CUTEST! Except for lil buddy, of course... (r.i.p.)

  3. Was "gross" the word you were talking about?
    Your Mom
    Do you think anyone will under stand my post? I am in a question mark mood! Oops. slipped in an exclamation mark. The joys of punctuation!!! M.

  4. Mother! Your post is full of punctuation and sentence errors!

    The Grammar Police, aka your eldest daughter