Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Road Trip: Vancouver

Let the McCurrach sisters road trip/xmas vacation continue! This time with some brother-in-law chauffeured Vancouver craziness! The trip included singing, picture taking, and shopping galore. Actually quite similar in destination to my recent fraser filled trip to the coast (downtown, 4th ave, Granville island) but much more sisterly. Here - a plethora of highlight pictures:

I told you there was going to be lots of pictures! And stories for each one! Here is the extremely truncated version for each (left to right top to bottom): hoary trees, stolen 3D glasses, laughing (nice pins!), Japadog lineup, Alan's sweet balcony/view, shopping, random image text, park, and bladder stimulating waterfall. *whew*

Successful trip! Loads of sweet deals too! If only I found a dress for new years! Extra eep! That's tomorrow!


  1. Did you stop for each of the stop signs? Stolen glasses looked cool!


  2. The stolen glasses photo made me smile. Reminds me of a scene from a movie.

  3. J A P A D O G !!!!!???? DO you know how fast I'm turning around to go back to Vancouver (after just having arrived @ 2nd home) to enjoy one of those ? : P

  4. Nice! I love Neal in the background. So funny!