Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More mind reading please?

I stink at guessing what will be popular in my shop. I make items thinking they'll fly off the shelves and others that I think are destine to collect internet dust are gone before I know it! Case and point = my famous scientist pinback buttons.

When I launched the Darwin, Einstein, Curie group they barely budged (minus mom and lucas' purchases) so I didn't really bother to restock when it came to my 2nd and 3rd rounds of button making. Well, I was wrong. Today I sold my last set and won't be able to get to making more until janurary at the earliest. Oh the potential sales I could me missing out on!

Oh, and in other news - I still have a ridiculous amount of thumbs up yetis (which I really thought would be a hot mythical wintry item). Similar to the lack of interest in my sealife and woodland creatures sets. *Sigh* It's ok guys - I still love you.



  1. Frankly, Lil' Buddy and the rest of the sea creatures are WAY cooler than the scientists, even they are also very cool. I just happen to like Lil' Buddy the most. And the robots. And the yetis. And PINECONE! He he :) All so cute!

  2. I remember when pinecone was the last minute add on. And now, so charming and wonderful. Ahhh, pinecone...


  3. All of your things are adorable! I have the same problem though.. the things I think will be gone before I can finish listing.. sit there. But I still continue to make what I enjoy and try not to fall into any trends. Art is about your feelings, if someone happens to love it just as much as you, awesome!