Sunday, December 27, 2009

More pom pom madness

As you all know, I've been pretty obsessed with pom poms these days (link, link, and link) and even received a pom pom pals crafting kit from my mom this xmas!!! I have some mondo pom pom crafting in progress - don't worry - I'll update you when I finish my project. Well, today I came across yet another pom pomtastic link to share. This time it's fabric pom poms:

Perhaps a little more fluffy and girly than the traditional yarn pom but still pretty awesome nonetheless. Plus as an extra bonus there is even a tutorial to share to further assist in the pom pom crafting take over! Hurray!


  1. I like the fabric pompoms best! Mom xo

  2. Chinese lantern...Does this mean there could be (non fire) lights in them??? Maybe I'll cover my whole ceiling in pom pom lights??!?

  3. yeah! good idea! I want to help!