Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Road Trip: Kelowna

Yesterday I spent the day with my sister and fraser driving to the busy wonders of Kelowna to shop our hearts out and visit my dear friend lindsay! Here are some photographed highlights:

Please pay special attention to my lovely pompom adorned wrapping job of lindsay's present! I really wanted to take some nice pictures of it to share with everyone but I made it on the solstice and we left pretty early in the morning so the lack of sunlight was not favorable to pom pom photography. *sigh*

And even if the trip was pretty much a bust due to the lack of holiday dress purchasing (very much required for new years - eep!) - we did see lindsay, purchase some last minute xmas presents, enjoy the sunshine and clear roads, and eat extra delicious cinnamon buns (hence the excited pic of my sis above). Not a complete loss, but I do wonder what the heck I'm going to wear on new years...

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