Friday, December 4, 2009

Wonderful Day in Blogland!

I woke up this morning to a wonderful inbox full of lovely emails - the loveliest of all? A conversation from k at rikrak telling me that I've won her mega giveaway! You know how you enter things thinking how it would be pretty cool if you won - but at the same time totally impossible? Not today! The odds were with me and that 1.8% chance of winning paid off! And look at all the crafty goodness I'm going to be receiving:

Woohoo! I'm excited! And to top it all off I got linked to in the congratulatory blog post potentially resulting in my increased blog visits and etsy sales I've seen today! I think I need more exclamation marks to attempt to show how excited I am!!!!!

In other news - after many months of reading/flickr posting to the adorable site Cuteable - I got featured there today! My thumbs up yeti card recipients can be extra appreciative now - those cards are famous!! Woo!

Best Friday ever!!! I even get a magical 5 days off in a row from work and get to go to the coast tomorrow! Oh what a great day!! Did I mention I'm excited?


  1. Dude, this is officially Exclamation Mark Friday!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm done school for winter break !! But I think this is FAR more exciting. I am envious of you being the recipient. haha WOOO !!! : ) Does the coast mean Victoria ?? ;) ;)

  3. Congradulations I'm excited for you. Can you send that good luck my way?

  4. Rock on! Bring on the blog fame!

  5. NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We will have to craft up a storm in two weeks when I arrive for xmas! I'm so excited too!

  6. It looks like you've won an imalgamated hodgepodge of fantabulous crafty items! Congrats! Let the Scientific Cultures spread!!

    I never win anything, ever. Except for this one time in grade 4 I perfectly colored an easter bunny bright pink and entered it in a coloring contest at school, and I won!! Because no one else colored their bunny pink...I was so excited and I won a big chocolate bunny.