Friday, December 11, 2009

They want to be loved by you

I love waking up to messages telling me I've been featured somewhere! Today's email came from Amanda over at why i heart homemade with an awesome collection of roboty goodness. LemonTreeStudio's robot memory game is my fav from the list (except mine of course?).

It sort of makes me want to go searching for that "the history of toy robots" book I got with walt and leslie years ago at a "shove as many discount books in a bag for $10 sale" we went to at Chapters. Hmm..I wonder where there could be. Also nice to see how ahead of the trends I am. High five kate!


  1. Robots need love too! That sale was great fun. I wonder if they still do them?

    I like how your blog is looking right now. Very slick and blue!