Thursday, December 31, 2009

McCurrach Family Xmas

Well it's the last day of December and the holiday season is wrapping up to a close so I thought I'd conclude the year with a heart warming summary of my xmas memories of 2009. Ok, forget that - I'm not the "heart warming tale" type (or at least I pretend to be). So you just get pictures and notes instead...hope you can deal with that. My top three favourite things I managed to take pictures of this holiday (that I haven't already blogged about):

1) Laying under the tree

Probably one of my favourite festive activities and the best thing about the tree this year? I didn't have anything to do with it! Thanks for selecting, chopping, lighting, decorating, and (eventually) disassembling it for me mom and dad! You're the best!

2) Family hilarity

Behold! Card selection so awesome that both my mom and I received this gem from different people. Also peek at my dad balancing a dishwashing scrubbie on his head and my sister scheming xmas morning. Oh, and who can forget the clear favourite of the family - Percy (aka spawn of satan/el gato diablo):

Yup, santa's even kept for ransom by this evil kitty. I think he was pre-pounce attack in this picture (presumably with laser lock vision on neal).

and finally...
3) The loot!

Ok, not really a favourite per say, but I did want to document the clear themes of the presents I was given this year. Gifts fell under the categories of crafting, kittens, and vegetarian cuisine (with a few undertones of tea, cuteness, and ipodery). Bonus points to lindsay for giving me the most randomly hilarious present of all time - mini toques from her trip to England (which you can spot keeping my floss and glue stick cozy!).

All in all it has been a super awesome holiday season this year which will hopefully only be followed by an amazingly awesome 2010! And even if it isn't stupendously wonderful at least my floss with be warm...


  1. I like Boxing Day because we have leftovers for dinner and I don't have to cook!!! I also love my family time, oh, and Percy the devil cat. Mom